When will my egg be delivered?

Our bars and eggs are dispatched from a fulfilment centre in order to make their distribution as efficient as possible.  Which shipping option you have chosen and where you are will affect the time taken for your order to get to you.  

You should have received a tracking number which you can use to see where your order is.  If you have a query please get in touch here.

Are the eggs nut free?

There are no nuts in our eggs nor in the ingredients and they are made in a factory that follows a strict nut policy.  Click here to see our nut free policy

Are the eggs suitable for vegans?

The Belgian dark chocolate, the Colombian dark chocolate and the Belgian dark mint chocolate have no milk products in them and therefore we believe them to be suitable for vegans.

The bars and eggs are made from the same chocolate.

We do advise you check the ingredients yourself in order to satisfy yourself prior to purchasing your bar or egg. Please find the ingredients here for the Belgian dark chocolatethe Colombian dark chocolate and the Belgian dark mint chocolate.

Are the eggs suitable for vegetarians?

We believe that our bars and eggs are suitable for vegetarians. We do advise you check the ingredients yourself in order to satisfy yourself prior to purchasing your egg. Please find the ingredients here for the Belgian milk chocolateBelgian dark chocolate,  Belgian white chocolateBelgian milk chocolate with caramel, Colombian dark chocolate.

Do we use organic or Fair-trade chocolate?

We are a very small company that aims to produce a unique product using delicious, fine quality chocolate. Our eggs contain 750g of chocolate and our bars contain 500g and as such the cost of using organic or Fair-trade chocolate is, at present prohibitive. We really hope that in the near future we will be able to offer these products as our business grows. Should you wish to be kept up to date with our products as they are developed please sign up for our newsletter here.  See our FairTrade and Organic policy here.

Is our packaging recyclable?

We have taken care from the outset to ensure that all of our packaging is recyclable. The postal box and card fitment are both made from cardboard, the carton for the egg is made from recyclable board and the plastic element is made from recyclable PET (rPET).

Our bars are packed in foil and cardboard, all of which is widely recyclable.

Is our chocolate Kosher?

Our eggs are manufactured in a facility that does not currently have Kosher certification.

Is our chocolate Halal?

Our chocolate does not have halal certification though we do not believe that any of the ingredients are haram.  

Aren't Easter Eggs supposed to be hollow to represent the tomb of Jesus Christ?

There are many and varied opinions as to the significance of the Easter egg and how it relates to the Easter story in the Bible.

We have absolutely no desire to offend anybody or belittle their beliefs which are, themselves many and varied.

But let's face it folks, neither chocolate (as we know it today) nor the Easter bunny were around at the time of Christ.  Any religious significance placed on the egg is a combination of pagan symbolism and chocolate company marketing over the generations.  Indeed the word Easter comes from the pagan goddess Eostre.

So let's see this for what it is, an egg made of chocolate.  It tastes great and brings joy to people who eat it.

But we are also willing to admit we are wrong if necessary, so if anyone can quote a passage from the Bible where it mentions Easter eggs or chocolate then please get in touch and we will happily update our answer.