How it Began...

It all began with chocolate eggs.

These are the eggs I always dreamed of...

…like many children I had a passion for all things chocolate. I always wondered why there wasn’t a solid chocolate egg and was disappointed by the flimsy light Easter eggs I received (not that I was ungrateful).

Kitchen worktop development

After many years tinkering to create a solid chocolate egg, in my kitchen at home, I finally came up with the first mould. Putting together 42 perfectly formed pieces into one large egg – The Solid Chocolate Egg was born! Now my Solid Chocolate Eggs containing 750 grams of high quality Belgian chocolate are available to buy. It’s the Easter Egg that won’t disappoint.

And so, to bars....

To satisfy increasing demand I decided to expand the range to include chunky, half kilo bars that are available all year round.  The same great chocolate, just with more corners.

Range of Flavours

Range of Big Bars

There is a choice of different chocolate flavours to enjoy; Milk, Dark, White, Milk Caramel, Rare Colombian Cocoa, Dark Mint and our newest varieties, Organic Belgian Dark and Vegan "Milk" chocolate. Please do try my eggs and bars – you won’t be disappointed.