The Easter Eggs you dreamed of...

The Original Milk Egg

Our classic milk egg – the original Solid Chocolate Egg. The first to be made and remains the firm favourite with our customers. 34% cocoa content and unlike many other chocolate eggs on the market, it is not overwhelmingly sickly-sweet.


The Decadent one

34% Milk chocolate egg with caramel added. It’s a bit sweeter than our Milk egg but the burnt sugar flavour adds an extra dimension of luxury and indulgence.


Deep and Dark

Full of rich cocoa flavour but not overpowering our dark egg has a lighter side with 55% cocoa content. The perfect blend for the large chunks of dark supreme-ness to melt in your mouth.


Pure and Simple

Pure cocoa butter chocolate. Vanilla in hue and full of warm buttery notes. Just for the secret white chocolate lovers out there-and those who haven’t admitted their passion for white yet.


Colombian Cocoa

New for 2018 is our Single Origin Colombian Cocoa egg. For those who like the full flavours of dark
chocolate to come through with the nuances of regional aromas.


“If there's no chocolate in Heaven, I'm not going”

Jane Seabrook

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