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Here at the Solid Chocolate Company, we have created an egg that is unique and has always elicited the same reaction from everyone we have ever shown it to. They smile and say it’s brilliant.

We know that companies are always on the lookout for something unusual and quirky to give to their customers or team members.  So we took the idea further and can brand our packaging to your company.  We’re not talking about just adding your logo, but the whole carton can carry your brand, colours and slogan.  In fact, we can add anything you care to put on it.

Of course, you know better than us what you want, that’s why we give your designers access to our design net so they can get it exactly right.

Your cartons are printed to order, we put the eggs in for you and then deliver them to you.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements, so feel free to call us, email us or use the contact form.  We look forward to helping you make that unique impression.

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